Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed below several frequently asked questions, and will continue to add as they present themselves (if you think of additional topics, please let us know!).


When are Township Meetings?There are three Boards that meet monthly–the Board of Supervisors, the Township Planning Commission, and the Zoning Hearing Board, all of which can be found on the calendar.

What if I want to change a Township policy or procedure or have a concern that has not been addressed to my satisfaction?Begin with the Township Manager at 784-6178. He will help either direct you to the correct place, explain the policy or procedure about which you are concerned, or assist you in resolving the problem. He is a good point person to keep involved if you don’t feel like you are making headway with your concern.

Next, you are always encouraged to come to the monthly Supervisors’ Meetings to make a suggestion or air your concern to the entire Board. In fact, we encourage you to attend and stay involved whether or not you have a particular concern! You can learn a great deal about your community and what is happening by attending this and other Township meetings, and you would no doubt have valuable input as well.


Who do we call if we notice a particularly hazardous area on the Township roadways during snow or events/incidents?During business hours (Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm) call the Township Office at 784-6178 so the staff can contact the road crew. During non-business hours call the Police Department at 784-6543 (although if there is an emergency situation, always call 911 first).